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Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluation is a complete and thorough examination of a person’s mental state. Problems or dire situations arise in all vistas of life. These problems can be physical or mental. If the problem is mental then a professional, licence holder psychologist can be of help. Psychological evaluation can be performed only by a professional.

Psychological evaluation is necessary in certain situations when a confirmed opinion of a professional psychologist is required about a person. This psychological evaluation can have negative or positive effect on the life of the evaluated. So an unbiased, clinical observation is really very, very important. Some of the situations in which psychological evaluation is a must are: – applicants of jobs that require a lot of responsibility and state secrets are divulged to the applicant; People who apply for high posts in military, police or intelligence.

Such applicants have to undergo a psychological evaluation programme for the background checking and also to check the past records of a person. The complicated cases in a courtroom are solved by the help of psychological evaluation. The court may order a complete psychoanalysis of a defendant or a criminal. Some criminals or defendants are not mentally competent to undergo the trials and some fake mental incompetence to avoid the procedures of a trial. In such dicey situations psychological evaluation plays an important role and helps to solve the cases through thorough psychoanalysis.

Psychological evaluation is considered only when behaviour imbalance becomes significant. Abnormal behaviour which persists seriously requires psychological evaluation. Through psychological evaluation the psychologist can determine the cause of the problem. With proper guidance the patient can be cared and restored to a normal life.

One of the major issues, which require psychological help, is the failure to perform well in a job or at school in case of a child. A man or a woman is unable to hold on to a job, keeps changing jobs or poor performance is persistently noticed then that person definitely requires psychological evaluation. Psychological abuse may be the reason of behavioural disorder and can be overcome by proper psychological evaluation. Some children are unable to perform satisfactorily at school or in their extra-curricular activities. The root of this sort of issue is some mental disorder of abuse. The parents or guardians of such a child fear for their future. With proper psychological evaluation the child’s behavioural disorder can be overcome and the child can perceive a bright future.

There are some common, nagging issues in a child that need immediate psychological evaluation. Nowadays every school employs a psychologist to render psychological help to the kids who need it. A child is considered in need of psychological evaluation when he or she is inappropriately defiant, exhibit extreme anger or extreme shyness, likes to be solitary or does not have friends, shirks off all responsibilities, does not do the homework, does not participate in any activity etc. When a child exhibits some of these symptoms, it is time to take action. Children are sensitive and a small disturbance can ruin their lives. Psychological evaluation is performed by a professional to determine the cause of behavioural incompetence which does not allow the child to perform well academically or socially. The complex emotional issues then can be gently solved. At times medicines are prescribed. Many tests are induced by the psychologist and can take a long tedious time. But a child can be benefitted in all sphere of life and improve his or her life emotionally, academically, healthwise and successfully.

Psychological evaluation can be very taxing emotionally and financially. The session of psychological evaluation are quite costly and carry on for a long period, at times. Thus the procedure can be emotionally and financially taxing. The only consolation is that the investment may be well worth. The future of the child is of utmost importance. Parents should be cautious while choosing the psychologist for their child. The child must have a bond of trust and comfort with the psychoanalyst.

A set of procedures are used by the psychologist to determine the emotional disturbance. These procedures are used for various types of cases, depending upon the type of problem etc. Standardized tests are conducted by the psychologist to determine the various abilities of the patient. These individual abilities are compared to the relative peer group. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) and the Woodcock Johnson Psycho- Education Battery determine the standard scores and are commonly used in child cases.

Rating Scales- In this procedure the psychologist has to be familiar with the patient. The frequency of the personal talent or skill is rated. Unbiased opinion is of utmost importance. Behaviour Assessment System for Children (BASC) or Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales are commonly used as an indicator of the emotional status, personal talent or ability to perform.

Self-report Scales- the BASC procedure include these self-report scales. Patients rate themselves on the basis of their talent, behaviour and performance.

Observations- Psychologist evaluates the patient by closely observance. The behaviour of the patient and of others around him is initially observed for proper assessment.

Interviews- Psychological evaluation is conducted by interviews. An honest interaction between the psychologist and the patient mostly reveals the problem by itself and paves the path for treatment.

The fast pace of life pressurises most people. Some people can cope up with the mental and emotional pressure but some people are unable to keep up with the intense competition and pressure. Psychological evaluation is the proper way to make the patient aware of his or her ability levels and to accept that level with a positive frame of mind.

Psychological evaluation can work wonders for children, adolescents, adults and old men and women. Psychological evaluation is most commonly conducted on children and is acceptable by parents as a normal procedure. The adults are psychologically evaluated mostly when applying for important jobs. There are many other reasons mentioned earlier. Men and women undergo mental trauma when they get old and are unable to perform physically and mentally. They become dependent and become an unwanted responsibility. The awareness of such situations can have serious mental negative effect. With proper psychological evaluation the older generation can overcome their mental traumas and face life with renewed self- awareness.


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