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Psychological Effects of Alcohol

Nowadays, alcoholism is a common syndrome. Countless numbers of people through out the world is suffering from this harmful syndrome. To understand what alcoholism is, you have to study its definition carefully. Alcoholism is a state when ones lust for consuming alcohol becomes irresistible. The effected person urges for consuming more and more alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms, if he or she tries to stop consuming alcohol. It is a harmful disease that has both physical and psychological effects over a person. Physical effects are easy to detect as compare to psychological effects. So, people are more concerned to them. Alcoholism can cause several physical problems like mal function of kidney and even can be fatal. Unfortunately, alcoholism can cause several psychological effects too which are also very harmful. Sometimes these psychological effects can have greater impact on the patient compare to physical problems. So, it is advisable to do a careful study on this less trodden effect of alcoholism to get rid off alcoholism.

Magnitude Of Mental Effects Caused By Alcohol

The magnitude of psychological effects caused by alcohol depends heavily on the amount of consumption. People who consume alcohol very seldom can even realize a soothing and relaxing effect. But, for regular drinkers the effects can be serious and detrimental. It can vary from restlessness to irritation, from loneliness to frustration. For those people who are amongst either lower income group or moderate income group, addiction to alcohol can cause financial problems and thus indulging the person into family problems. So, the mental effect of alcohol on you is vastly dependent on the kind of person you are. But, one thing is for sure, the end result is detrimental.

Common Psychological Effects Of Alcoholism

Behavioral Change

Alcohol can change your behavior. It can even work by impairing your judgment. As a result people under the influence of alcohol can indulge in illegal risky activity.  Being under the influence of alcohol you can perpetrate a crime that you can not even think of committing when you are normal. If you become a regular consumer of alcohol, then alcohol is going to affect your behavior permanently. Whether you are under the influence of it or not, you will be rude to people around you. Thus alcoholism may cause personal and professional problems.


People often start drinking alcohol being under the wrong impression. They consider alcohol as a mean of anti depressant therapy. But this is absolutely baseless. On the contrary alcohol is depressant in nature. Instead of alleviating depression and bad memory it augments them. So if you are consuming alcohol to get rid off depression, then you actually ending up being more and more depressed.


Anxiety is another common psychological effect caused by alcohol. Being depressant by nature, alcohol blocks the normal thinking procedure of your brain and thus causes detrimental effect on your nervous system. As a result, people who are addicted to alcohol are prone to anxiety. Mental stresses being combined with physical stresses can cause several problems like nightmare and restlessness.


Dysthymia is another common psychological problem caused by alcoholism. It can lead a person to problems like depressed mood, low self esteem and persistent fatigue.

Loss Of Interest

Heavy consumption of alcohol can distract you from the normal activities. Your urge to consume alcohol can cause you loss of interest from day to day work. Thus it can act as a negative impetus to your life.

Realization Disorder

Alcohol is known to work by impairing ones judgment.  It affects the normal thinking procedure of you. It is often observed that people under the influence of alcohol are rationally challenged and loss the ability to judge the severity of a situation. They are often unable to realize the bad effects of alcohol on them. From this limitation of realizing there comes the problem of denial. People addicted to alcohol deny to realize how detrimental the effects of alcohol on them.

Co-occurring Psychological Disorder

This is very common with alcoholics. Often people with this disorder try to help them by consuming alcohol and end up with more severe a situation.

Psychological Withdrawal Effects

Alcohol has withdrawal effects like drugs. The severity of these effects depends on person to person and on level of addiction. Apart from several physical syndromes, there are a lot of psychological syndromes like anxiety, fatigue and tiredness. Sometimes these are of greater hindrance in order to get rid off alcoholism than physical syndromes. Physical withdrawal effects can easily be addressed by modern medical facility. But treating these psychological effects often become troublesome and problematic.

How To Deal With Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

One can only address psychological withdrawal symptoms of alcohol by being mentally strong. Your urge for a better you can only help you to get rid off alcoholism. Friends and relatives of the alcoholics have a major role to play in this process. They have to be sympathetic to the patient rather than criticizing him or her. They have to encourage the person affected by alcoholism as well as to inspire. It is not advisable to pressurize the alcoholics. As it may aggrandize their mental pressure and trigger the negative effects on them. Instead of pressurizing them you can try by convincing them, although that is a hard nut to crack. Love and affection can create a wonder for this kind of patient.

Mandatory Things To Fight Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

There are few mandatory things you need to maintain while fighting psychological withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism.

Self Control

If you do not have self control in your arsenal then you are certainly going to loose your battle against alcoholism. You have to control yourself from urge to consume alcohol.

Keeping Of Promise

You have to keep in your mind that promises are not made to break. If you have promised something to your loved ones then you have to keep them at any cost.

Urge To Completion

Your urge to completion is very crucial. You have to be very passionate about completely get rid off alcoholism. You can not afford to consume even a sip of alcohol in due process.


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