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Somatic Narcissist

To understand who a somatic narcissist is, let us first break down the term somatic narcissism. Somatic is something that has a physical aspect to it alone, that is, it is totally related to the body and aloof of the mind. Narcissism relates to having an obsession about one’s physical appearance and pursuing an erotic or sexual interest in oneself. Somatic narcissism is a severe personality disorder that revolves around making the victim obsessed about their personality and incapable to understanding and responding to the physical needs emotions of other people.

Symptoms of a Somatic Narcissist

The behavioral characteristics and symptoms that help recognize a somatic narcissist consist of constant bragging about his sexual conquests and encounters and over expressing his sexuality in front of the opposite sex. He is a health freak or hypochondriac and always exposing his physique or talking about, parading his physical conquests in front of everyone.  He likes the top most of everything be it wealth, luxuries, vehicles, holidays, branded clothes and jewellery and even beautiful women. He uses females solely for the purpose of playing emotional games with them and for sexual exploitation. He assumes an undeclared right to all such thing.

They need a constant attention from the opposite gender for their looks and physical capability. They also develop a psychotic sexual love for their own body and instead of seeking an intimate relationship with a partner of the reverse sex they indulge more into acts like masturbation. Even if they descend to have consensual sex with others they do it only to please their interest in the form of conquests and refrain from serious personal or emotional attachment with the partner. Sex to him is just the best way to show off his physical attributes and his favorite sport, nothing more than that.

Victims of Somatic Narcissists

The worst sufferers in this case are the partners of a somatic narcissist who are often clueless about the traits of a narcissist. They are left emotionally drained and very tired after a sexual experience with a narcissist. They get the treatment like that meted out to an object in possession of the narcissist. They also get cheated upon as somatic narcissists succumb to infidelity easily and look for more and more fresh partners. Their feelings are crushed as they do not receive any emotional importance from the narcissist.  They are also subjected to lot of physical abuse and violent behavior in case they try to resist the advances of a narcissist.

Causes of Somatic Narcissism

Reasons behind development of such a psychological disorder often find roots in a prolonged sexual or mental abuse during young age. Kids who are exploited or raped by some close one for a continuously long period of time may start finding the fault within them. They might also develop the thought that they are too attractive to even be resisted by their own family. The growth of this thought profile leads them into an obsession about their appearance. Since this disorder is genetic also, it appears from time to time down the generations.

Treatment of Somatic Narcissism

The best possible treatment for this disorder is through psychiatric help to let them overpower their sexual obsessions. Talk sessions with the therapist may help them to ignite an emotional side in them again and look for more emotionally satisfying relationships than physical ones. Once the root cause of the somatic narcissist’s behavior is determined, the treatment is pretty easy.

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